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Ho[c]ker Un

Ho[c]ker Un

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24 Unikate des R1 Base Bundles. Jeder R1 Cube wurde von Hand als Teil eines größeren Kunstwerkes besprüht. Zudem vollendet Steffen Mumms charakteristisches Markenzeichen, ein einzigartiger "Head" auf den R1 Caps alle Ho[c]ker One's.

material / dimensions

Our shelving is made from high-quality MDF, which is finished with a durable melamine coating. The ash edge gives the shelf an elegant look. With a thickness of 16mm, our R1 is robust and durable.

R1 Cube: 44.6cm*44.6cm*33cm
R1 Cap: 44.6cm*5.6cm*33cm

How it works

Our shelf is unique in its kind - completely modular and easy to assemble with a magnet connection. With this clever solution you can design your individual shelf according to your needs. The construction is very easy and requires no special knowledge.


In Germany, all our products are shipped free of charge with DHL. With us you can order your shelf from the comfort of your own home and we will deliver it directly to your home. Quick and easy.

We ship within Europe to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark.

Our return guarantee

We believe in our product and want you to think so too. That's why we offer you a 14-day exchange guarantee.

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Ho[c]ker One - 24 limited unique pieces!

Kiyo and the Düsseldorf artist Steffen Mumm combine two essential elements of living space design in Ho[c]ker One: furniture and art.
Each R1 Cube was hand sprayed as part of a larger work of art. In addition, Steffen Mumm's characteristic trademark, a unique "head" on the R1 caps, completes all Ho[c]ker One's.

Kiyo x Steffen "Hoker" Un

Steffen “Hoker” Mumm, is a German artist. He lives and works in Düsseldorf and is also internationally known and active. His unique style combines a symbiosis of graffiti, calligraphy, illustration and other media and styles that he has explored experimentally over the years. In recent years he has particularly focused on his “heads”, which have become his trademark.

Together with Kiyo, Steffen Mumm has now taken on the connection between furniture and art and we have designed a limited special edition of our R1 Base Bundle: The Ho[c]ker One.

  • Set up in a minute

    The R1 Cube consists of four equal parts that are plugged into each other. Screwless assembly makes assembly quick and convenient.

  • Regal in Detailaufnahme. Es ist die Verbindung einzelner Regalwürfel untereinander.

    Easily expandable in all directions

    The R1 Cubes and Caps can be connected to each other in seconds thanks to integrated magnets.

  • Regal eingepackt in einem flachen Karton.

    100% fabriqué en Allemagne

    The R1 is exclusively made in Germany. This enables us to guarantee high product quality.

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