Fighting Fast Furniture

An unimaginable amount of waste, Co2 and money that is currently flowing into the German furniture market or is being produced by it. At Kiyo, we firmly believe that durable, quality products make us happy while being good for the environment.

  • New furniture every 5 years.

    The average German buys his furniture every 5 years entirely new.

  • 3 million tons of Co2 only in Germany

    The proportion of the total German carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacture of furniture corresponds to over 3 million tons of CO₂.

  • 7 million tons of garbage.

    In Germany, seven million tons of sofas, chairs, tables, beds and cupboards end up in the trash every year.


In cooperation with ClimatePartner and the Düsseldorf Climate Pact, we are currently working on the concrete calculation of all our emissions. Always with the big goal: Co2 neutral company since foundation. We promise you one thing in particular: we want to and will always be 100% transparent.

Minimalitisches Regal neben einem Bett. Alles ist sehr hell.


Because we are firmly convinced that sustainable consumption of durable and high-quality products will make us happy, we develop products that not only last a long time, but also delight and inspire us again and again.