Sieben Leute stehen in einer Hohlkehle. Es ist das Team der Kiyo GmbH. In der Mitte vorne steht Jonathan Knyrim, der Gründer der Kiyo GmbH. Es sind außerdem kleine Regale des R1 Regalsystems in dem Bild aufgebaut.

Who we are

We are a young team of designers, architects, programmers and entrepreneurs and are based in Germany in a beautiful old factory building. We love what we do and look forward to inspiring you with our work every day!


What we do

Radical reduction of the corporate structure, outsourcing of all secondary processes, the most selected business partners in combination with the highest form of digitization.

Product development

Less is Future serves as the basis for our product development, so we don't stop experimenting, questioning, reducing and creating products that inspire through simplicity.

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We are continually working to digitize every repetitive process to truly draw into creativity. We rely on artificial intelligence, scalability through as-a-service products and constant questioning.

New Work

When dealing with our employees, we do not focus on their productivity but on personal development. An attitude that presents us with great challenges but unleashes incredible potential.


The fact that we can only take as much from our world as it can reproduce in the same period of time is out of the question for us. We want to change and hope to convince you of how beautifully thought-out consumption of sustainable products can be.