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Forfait TV R1

Forfait TV R1

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Color: Black

Discover our R1 TV bundle - the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom! The bundle consists of three R1 Cubes and R1 Caps. It offers enough space for your television, electronic devices and what is important to you.
Thanks to the magnetic connection, you can convert your TV bundle at any time and adapt it to new wishes or room situations! From sideboard to shelf or the other way around.

Abmessungen und Details

Höhe: 50.2 cm
Breite: 133.8 cm
Tiefe: 33 cm

Innenmaß der Fächer: 33cm x 33cm x 33cm

Farbe: Weiss / Schwarz

Gewicht: 28.5 kg
maximale Belastung: 105 kg
maximale Belastung pro Fach: 35kg

Material / Dimensions

Our shelving is made from high-quality MDF, which is finished with a durable melamine coating. The ash edge gives the shelf an elegant look. With a thickness of 16mm, our R1 is robust and durable.

R1 Cube: 44.6cm*44.6cm*33cm / 17,5*17,5*13 in
R1 Cap: 44.6cm*5.6cm*33cm / 17,5*2.2*13 in


We ship all our products with DHL. With us you can order your shelf from the comfort of your own home and we will deliver it quick and easy. 

We ship within Europe to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Denmark. For orders from another country please send us a message via our contact form !


We believe in our product and want you to think so too. That's why we offer you a 14-day exchange guarantee.

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  • Kundenbewertungen unseres Sideboards uns Regalsystems.
  • Icon zu unseren Retouren und 30 Tage Umtauschrecht

Our Kiyo guarantee.

Ever since we founded Kiyo, the quality and comfort of our products have always been our top priority.
We want to prove that to you and therefore offer you a 14-day exchange guarantee! So you can convince yourself without risk!

Our reviews:

  • Sideboard aus dem R1 Regal als TV Regal bei einem Kunden aufgebaut.
  • Modulares Regal, welches Kunden in großen Wohnzimmer zu einem Raumtrenner Regal und Sideboard aufgebaut haben.
  • Sideboard aufgebaut als Lowboard oder Regal bei einem Kunden Zuhause.
  • Set up in a minute

    The R1 Cube consists of four equal parts that are plugged into each other. Screwless assembly makes assembly quick and convenient.

  • Regal in Detailaufnahme. Es ist die Verbindung einzelner Regalwürfel untereinander.

    Easily expandable in all directions

    The R1 Cubes and Caps can be connected to each other in seconds thanks to integrated magnets.

  • Regal eingepackt in einem flachen Karton.

    100% fabriqué en Allemagne

    The R1 is exclusively made in Germany. This enables us to guarantee high product quality.

Stool, sideboard and shelf in one.

Detail unseres modularen, moderenen Regals R1 mit Magnetren in den Kanten.
Sideboard aus einem modularen Regalsystem aufgebaut als TV Board in Farbe schwarz.