Paul's apartment in Munich

We had the pleasure of visiting Paul's open plan apartment in central Munich. The apartment is wonderfully light-flooded and is characterized by many charming details that reflect the personality of its likeable resident. The R1 now serves as a record shelf and gives the room a unique touch.

Do you work from home Paul?

Yes, I work from home. I'm video creator and I edit my videos from here, collect my ideas. I have such a space in the apartment where I always sit and do everything. I record my voice for the videos here. I think my neighbors are happy when I keep shouting. And I'm very creative and I really feel at home here.

What's your favorite place at home?

My favorite place at home is the living room. Well, we always get together here when I have friends there. I work here, I do pretty much everything here. And I would say this is where I spend most of my time.

What is your favorite object at home?

My favorite object at home is my turntable. Music is always on for me. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on the music. Of course, my favorite records go with the turntable and they just keep running.

Does this object have a special place?

My record player has always been in the corner, which was a bit loveless. And now I have the Kiyo R1, it fits perfectly. I was able to sort everything, build the record player on top of it and I'm very happy with it because it looks great now. Finally, my favorite object has a worthy place and isn't thrown into the corner.

What does furniture mean to you?

Furniture is very important to me. I think it is important to have nice and good furniture. Above all, furniture that fits into the apartment and also suits you. Sure, functional on the one hand, but I also like it when they look good. Because of course that means a lot to a room or an apartment if it's sensible furniture.

Sideboard aus modularem Regalsystem aufgebaut in moderner Wohnung.

Why did you choose this R1 setup?

I decided to set up the R1 in such a way that my turntable really comes into its own. That I can sensibly sort all my records there. And I think I did that quite well. I think it's a really cool setup that I have the record player at the top, because that's where you change the records and then the box at the bottom. It's a perfect fit and I'm looking forward to the way things are going now.

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