• Sideboard und Regal mit 5 Sterne Bewertung.
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  • Sideboard und Regal 30 Tage später zahlen mit Klarna Icon.
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R1 Cube & Cap, the perfect combination for your home.

  • Regalwürfel unseres Würfelregals in modernem Raum, genutzt als Bücherregal oder Nachttsich.
  • Sideboard aus dem R1 Regal als TV Regal bei einem Kunden aufgebaut.
  • Modulares Regal, welches Kunden in großen Wohnzimmer zu einem Raumtrenner Regal und Sideboard aufgebaut haben.
  • Sideboard aufgebaut als Lowboard oder Regal bei einem Kunden Zuhause.

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  • Regalteile werden zu einem Würfelregal zusammengesteckt. Es ist der Aufbau des Regals zu sehen.

    Select cubes and caps

    At the beginning, decide how many R1 Cubes and R1 Caps you need for your sideboard. Are you looking for inspiration? Just take a look at one of our Kiyo Homestories .

  • Regal in Detailaufnahme. Es ist die Verbindung einzelner Regalwürfel untereinander.

    Screwless construction

    Your R1 Cubes only have to be plugged in. Thanks to the integrated magnetic connection, the R1 Cubes and Caps can be connected to each other in a matter of seconds. So you can readjust your sideboard at any time.

  • Regal eingepackt in einem flachen Karton.

    Would you like a little more space?

    Your R1 can be expanded both horizontally and vertically. Would you like to add one or more cubes to your sideboard? No problem.

  • German Design Award, den Kiyo für das modulare Regalsystem und Sideboard gewonnen hat.
  • Rheinischen Post, die über uns und unsere Regale und Sideboard Produkte geschrieben hat.
  • Logo der Westdeutschen Zeitung, die über uns und unsere Regale und Sideboard Produkte geschrieben hat.
  • Iconic Award Logo, welches Kiyo für das Regalsystem und Sideboard verliehen wurde.

Stool, sideboard and shelf in one!

Modulares Design Regalsystem aufgebaut als Sideboard in einem minimalistischen Design Interior.
TV Sideboard mit Büchern bestehend aus Regalwürfeln in einem modernen Raum.
Regalwürfel unseres Würfelregals in modernem Raum, genutzt als Bücherregal
Lesende Frau in ihrem Zimmer.

At home with Caro

For the first Kiyo Homestory we visited Caro in her beautiful shared apartment in the middle of Berlin. You can find out how she integrated her R1 into the room and what her absolute favorite object is here.

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Buy sideboard online - modular, modern, magnetic - Kiyo

  • Discover the R1 sideboard by Kiyo

    Welcome to Kiyo, your provider of innovative and customizable furniture. We are pleased to introduce you to our R1 sideboard, which we lovingly manufactured in Germany from high-quality, sustainably sourced materials. The R1 sideboard is not just a simple piece of furniture, it is a revolution in the design and functionality of sideboards.

    Our R1 as a sideboard offers you endless mounting options. Design your sideboard according to your wishes and needs. Whether you prefer more storage space or a minimalist look, the R1 sideboard adapts to your needs. It's the sideboard that grows and changes with your needs.

    Thanks to our revolutionary screwless magnetic mounting system, setting up your R1 as a sideboard is a breeze. This system not only allows you to assemble your sideboard quickly and easily, but it also allows you to reconfigure your sideboard at any time. Be creative and redesign your R1 as a sideboard again and again.

    The R1 as a sideboard is not only functional but also stylish. With its minimalist and modern design, it fits perfectly into any home and is a real eye-catcher at the same time. The R1 sideboard is more than just a piece of furniture, it is an expression of your personal style.

  • Discover Moudlare design at home!

    We at Kiyo are proud that our R1 won the prestigious German Design Award. The jury particularly praised the minimalist design approach, which perfectly combines function and puristic, clear form and enables individual adaptation to the available space. Thanks to the clever connection solution, the sideboard can be set up quickly and conveniently.
    Discover the versatility and innovative design of the R1 as a sideboard and be inspired by the endless design possibilities. With the R1 as a sideboard you create a unique and functional storage space that perfectly suits your furnishing style and needs.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the R1 sideboard, we are happy to help you.

    You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the service hotline 0211 8797976. Experience the R1 sideboard and be amazed by its quality and design.

  • Distinction between sideboard, chest of drawers, highboard and lowboard

    The history of the sideboard goes back to the 18th century, when the search for a more practical piece of furniture than a chest and cupboard led to the development of this versatile storage space miracle. Originally conceived as a kind of multi-tiered chest, the sideboard soon developed into a half-height drawer box, which became known as the "commode" thanks to its easy accessibility. Appreciated by fine society as a weekly chest of drawers with space for daily outfits, to an indispensable organizational aid in medicine as a pharmacist's chest of drawers, sideboards are characterized by their lightweight design and their diverse range of uses.

    The distinction between sideboard, chest of drawers, highboard and lowboard can seem confusing at first, but each of these pieces of furniture offers unique advantages. Chests of drawers offer compact storage space primarily through drawers. Sideboards, on the other hand, have a similar structure, but are characterized by their height (70 to 100 cm) and the combination of shelves, shelves and doors. Lowboards are the lowest variants and are perfect for TV and media setups, while highboards with their height (100 to 130 cm) offer additional storage space and often serve as modern showcases.

  • Caring for your sideboard

    There is a suitable sideboard for every furnishing and every need. Whether in the home office for organized storage of documents, in the Scandinavian style for minimalist elegance, in retro chic for an eye-catching accent, in a modern design with clear lines and color contrasts, in a cozy country house style or in a rough industrial look - sideboards offer a wide range Range of design options.

    Proper care of your sideboard ensures long-lasting joy and beauty. High-gloss surfaces are recommended to be cleaned with a damp cotton cloth, while oiled wooden surfaces benefit from regular re-oiling. Placing it away from direct sunlight protects the wood and preserves the color brilliance.

    Before purchasing a sideboard, the following questions should be considered: Does the sideboard offer enough storage space for my needs? Which room should it be placed in? Do I prefer drawers or open compartments? And which style suits my interior best? These considerations will help you find the perfect sideboard for your home.