Modular record shelves

The Kiyo R1 shelving system consists of two products: R1 Cube and R1 Cap. R1 Cube and Cap allow you to set up your record shelf according to the modular system. Always ready to adapt to your record collection.

  • Select cubes and caps

    At the beginning, decide how many R1 Cubes and R1 Caps you need for your record rack. Are you looking for inspiration? Just take a look at one of our Kiyo Homestories .

  • Screwless construction

    Your R1 Cubes only have to be plugged in. Thanks to the integrated magnetic connection, the R1 Cubes and Caps can be connected to each other in a matter of seconds. In this way, our record shelves can be rearranged at any time.

  • More space for your records?

    Your R1 can be expanded both horizontally and vertically. Would you like to add one or more R1s to your record shelf? No problem.

  • Ein minimalistischer Nachttisch in Weiß mit dem R1 Regal von Kiyo. Ein perfekter Begleiter für eine minimalistische Schlafzimmergestaltung. Das R1 Regal bietet ausreichend Stauraum und sorgt für Ordnung im Raum

    Great minimalist design

  • Infinite expansion thanks to integrated magnetic connection

  • Detail Aufnahme unseres minimalistischen Regalsystem. Regal Kubus in Weiss mit Büchern im Regalfach platziert.

    Set up in a minute and without any tools

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R1 shelf by Kiyo as a record shelf

With a depth of 33cm, Kiyo's record shelves are ideally suited to your record collection. Not only can you present your collection in an attractive way, you can also store it perfectly.

Ein Regal Kubus steht in der Mitte, in einem hellen Treppenhaus. Der Kubus ist Teil eines Regalsystems. Das Regalsystem ist sehr minimalistisch, modern und kann als Wandregal, freistehendes Regal, Kinderzimmerregal und Schallplattenregal eingesetzt werden. Magnete in den Kanten machen aus dem Regal Kubus ein modulares Regalsystem.

Discover our bundles

Due to the infinite number of installation options that the R1 offers, it is sometimes not so easy to individually select a suitable record shelf. That's exactly why we've put together a few favorite builds as bundles.

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Get inspired...

At home with Selim and Eva

We were allowed to visit the Varol family in their beautiful home in Düsseldorf. You can find out how the artistic family lives and how our R1 has integrated into their home here.

to the home story
Minimalistischer R1 Aufbau mit Person im Vordergrund.

Caro's home story

We were allowed to visit Caro in her beautiful flat in the middle of Berlin.

to the home story

The record shelf with charm

If vinyl records were to choose their own abode, their preference would undoubtedly be towards a Kiyo shelf. At Kiyo we adore the art of vinyl! That's why it was our aim from the start to create a flawless record shelf. But we don't leave it at that: We accompany music enthusiasts on their way to THEIR tailor-made record shelf, because the needs of such a shelf vary depending on the collection.

Record shelves for vinyl lovers: inside
Those who proudly transport their newly purchased LPs in cloth bags want them to be stored just as safely and stylishly at home as they do in the music store. The vinyl record is a collector's item par excellence: aesthetically pleasing, coveted and of enduring value.

To show them off properly, Kiyo's record racks are the perfect solution. They exude a casual elegance that is essential when storing vinyl records.

The ideal stage for vinyl: Kiyo record shelves

When it comes to displaying vinyl records in style, Kiyo's modular record racks are the perfect choice. They exude a casual elegance that is essential when storing vinyl records.

Your own vinyl library at home: The R1 shelving system
Kiyo's R1 shelving system is designed to theoretically hold an infinite number of records. How it works? Quite simply: Each R1 shelf consists of individual cubes and caps that can be combined and of course expanded as you wish. As your record collection grows, so does your R1 shelf. Around 50 to 70 standard records fit in an R1 Cube.

The exact number depends on the thickness of the records, which varies from record to record. Formatted specifically for vinyl record sizes, the R1 Cube is our top choice for vinyl record storage. For those who love order, the cubes can also be placed upright, which results in a clear, yet unusual look for a shelf.

Dimensions? Hi-Fi!
An obvious homage to vinyl, the R1 Cap is part of the Kiyo R1 shelving system. It allows you to bring the record store experience right into your living room. Our R1 Cap is exactly the right size to showcase your amplifier or record player perfectly!

Load capacity of our record shelves

Anyone who gets involved with the topic of record shelves will quickly recognize: A key criterion is resilience. This is where the users of our Kiyo shelves have a decisive advantage. Our record racks can easily support the heavy weight of vinyl. They are specifically designed to be loaded to the brim! Our robust, 16 millimeter thick panels made of high-quality, coated MDF with real wood edges ensure this stability.

The material of our shelves
Similar to a really good song that still brings joy even after decades, our record shelf also defies the ravages of time.

We rely on high-quality material, more precisely on unbreakable and bend-resistant MDF, which comes from responsibly procured sources. In a very detail-oriented and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, we manufacture stable record shelves that accompany our customers for many years - ideally for a lifetime. When manufacturing and selling our record racks, we attach great importance to maximum sustainability and an optimal price-performance ratio.

Why Kiyo?
Our record shelves, made in North Rhine-Westphalia, are very popular with both record shops and private collectors. No wonder: Kiyo record racks are perfect for storing vinyl. Added to this is the enormous flexibility of the record shelves: Our R1 Cube system can be expanded and adapted as desired.

This enables the creation of unmistakable individual pieces, as individual as any record collection. The fact that Kiyo record shelves can be set up in minutes thanks to our revolutionary screw-less magnet collection system is another plus point that convinces many record lovers.

Selection and construction of our record shelves
At Kiyo there are no ready-made record shelves, but rather our modular R1 Cube system, which you can put together to create the perfect record shelf according to your needs. Our shelf configurator supports you in trying out different variants on the screen. The construction of the shelves is just as uncomplicated: place the individual cubes next to each other or on top of each other and fix them with our magnet collection system. No drilling or screwing required for floor standing record racks.

Do you want your record rack to be able to do more than just store vinyl? Our R1 record rack offers flexible solutions for a variety of storage options, as unique as your needs.