Get inspired.

We asked all over Germany how the R1 was doing in the living room. Are you looking for the right structure? Just watch a home story and get inspired.

Caro's homestory

We were allowed to visit Caro for our first home story in her beautiful shared apartment in the middle of Berlin. Here you can find out how we integrated R1 into her room and what her absolute favorite object is.

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Eva and Selim

In the light-flooded apartment of Eva and Selim, furniture is understood as an object. It's incredible to see the importance of art in this apartment and the impact it will have. Exactly our taste and so much to discover!

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Emilia's first apartment

Emilia moved to Maastricht for her studies and, with a bit of luck, found a nice, bright apartment. The special cut of the apartment with high ceilings gave her free development possibilities for her furnishing. We can reveal that much. R1 is ideally integrated into the stylish design.

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Paul's home story

We had the pleasure of visiting Paul's open plan apartment in central Munich. The apartment is wonderfully light-flooded and is characterized by many charming details that reflect the personality of its likeable resident. Our R1 now serves as a record shelf and gives the room a unique touch.

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