Caro's beautiful old building

We were allowed to visit Caro for our first home story in her beautiful shared apartment in the middle of Berlin. Here you can find out how she integrated the R1 into her room and what her absolute favorite object is.

Where is your favorite place in your apartment?

Well, I think my favorite place in my apartment is either in the kitchen, which is where we live, or in my bed, which is just super comfortable. I read a lot there, listen to music or watch TV and I can always snuggle up.

What is your favorite object in your home and why?

The good television here, which is a few years old, is an heirloom from my grandmother. I got it even though I wasn't actually allowed to have my own TV because my parents were very strict about it. But my grandma was so gracious that she let me have it anyway and it still works, even though it's quite old. Because the design is so timeless, I really like it and I think it fits in very well with its new location.

How important is furniture to you in your home?

Well, I do think that furniture plays a really big role in my home. I always like to compare it to clothing. When I'm walking around outside and wearing an outfit that I'm comfortable in, I feel more like myself and have a more pleasant demeanor. It's the same with furniture. If I feel super comfortable in the place where I spend most of my time, then that's just incredibly valuable.

Your first impression of the R1?

Besides the fact that the R1 fits really well in my room, I was surprised at how easy it is to set up. Compared to other furniture that I have in my room, which was a bit of a pain to assemble, the R1 was super easy to assemble and didn't require any tools. We also have a base bundle in the kitchen, which we were able to try out in advance. My roommate and I were immediately impressed by how easy it is and how nicely it fits into our apartment and now also into my room. It harmonizes really well.

Why did you choose this setup?

Simply because it's the perfect height, even if you're looking at my bed, which is relatively high and is usually where I watch TV from. My previous solution was a bit impractical because it was a bit deeper. Now I can look perfectly at the TV from the height and it is now a new centerpiece of the room that fits really well.

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Paul's home story

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